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Bastogi S.p.A. was founded in 1862, and listed in 1863, making it the oldest Italian company that is still in business to be listed on the Italian Stock Exchange.


Bastogi is a holding company which operates in the following sectors:



Through the Brioschi Group and other smaller companies it operates in the real estate development sector.



Through the group of companies controlled by Forumnet Holding, it manages some of the most important venues in Italy leader in the entertainment field, such as the Mediolanum Forum and the Teatro Repower in Milan (Assago), and the Palazzo dello Sport in Rome.
It also produces musicals and theatre contents through the company Compagnia della Rancia.



Through Open Care – Servizi per l'arte it provides integrated services for the management, enhancement and conservation of works of art and precious objects.

In the polyfunctional Frigoriferi Milanesi and Palazzo del Ghiaccio buildings, it hosts a wide range of events, such as presentations, business conventions, conferences, shows, fashion shows, exhibitions, cultural appointments, photo shoots, receptions and gala dinners.



Through the brand H2C Hotel, it manages a 4 star business hotels in Milan (Assago).
Through the World Trade Center of Milan it offers trade services to small and medium companies.




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